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One 17 has always believed that in the context of residential design, there is no

distinction between the architecture and the interiors. There appears to be a misconception that architects design the shell of a building, or the outside walls and interior designers take care

of the rest. This is not the case.


At the initial sketch design stage, One 17 is considering the layout of the kitchen, bathrooms

and the arrangement of furniture within the individual spaces. Built-in furniture such as bookcases, benches and window seats is often integral to the architectural scheme. As well as being functional, these pieces can help define spaces and act as focal points within the architecture.


Consideration of the finishes also extends from the materials of the building envelope, to include the palette of materials to be used inside the house. The type of window frames specified on a project, whether treated timber, painted timber or powder-coated aluminium finish may inform the finishes of the interior woodwork, or may well be informed by them.


One 17 takes a holistic approach to design and this is reflected at Holme @ Hinchliffe Mill.

They see the choice of furniture and soft furnishings to be the last piece of the architectural jigsaw puzzle. One 17 can work with purchasers on these final aspects of the design to create a home that is both personal, and in harmony with the architecture.




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